Which is a better company: Concentrix or FIS Global? Which should I join as a fresher?

FIS is Fidelity National Information Services Inc. is better known by the abbreviation FIS which is an international provider of financial services technology and technology outsourcing services which was ranked the #1 Financial Technology company on FinTech100 in 2013 and 2014. they are operating in 130 countries and has over 20,000 clients. The best thing about it is the growth the people get in the organization and the opportunities here are quite wider than any other company.

so basically by the above introduction about FIS, it is more of into the financial sector industry even though known as FIS but still deals with the finance sector. here there are lots of choices one gets on to work on and grow on.

One of my friend join the company as a fresher after graduation in his b tech in 2019 and now he is handling the team as a head of the team.If you are wishing for the growth in the organization, I would suggest you to grab it as you will not find the best then this as a freshers.

Now coming to concentrix its pure a business process outsourcing (BPO) which is not confined to only financial sector.

Concentrix,a business services company, is a subsidiary of SYNNEX Corporation.

Concentrix is headquartered in Fremont, CA. Concentrix provides service in 10 industries: Automotive, Banking and Financial Services, Consumer Electronics, Energy and Public Sector, Healthcare Services, Insurance, Media and Communications, Retail and eCommerce, Technology, and Travel, Transportation and Tourism.

Concentrix Includes Voice of the Customer Analytics (VOCA) for unstructured content analysis, performance scorecards, call centre analytics, call volume forecasting, operational analytics, agent optimization; IVR analytics; web analytics customer life time value, revenue enhancement, and other analytics capabilities.

at present it is not in the acquisition with IBM now it is a separate entity not having any acquisitions with IBM .

so now coming to your question being a fresher you can join in any of the companies provided in which you are interested .

If you are having a better understanding of finance and having a handy knowledge in financial sector then its better you select FIS because of the knowledge and the expertise which you have can be utilised in an appropriate manner

But If you are not having any knowledge about finance and since being a fresher you need a job then concentrix is the better choice .

since both are MNCs scope of individual growth is better in both the companies and the culture with in the organizations are equally good and comfortable and employee friendly .

The life in concentrix is quite similar to FIS but the only difference between them is the payment they offer to the employees.

I will be posting a link of the people who have the different opiion on both the organization. you can read from the below link-https://www.quora.com/Which-is-a-better-company-Concentrix-or-FIS-Global-Which-should-I-join-as-a-fresher

You can look at the details of the concentrix from its official websites- https://www.concentrix.com/

You can check the details and information about the FIS from its official pages and websites. the links is https://www.fisglobal.com/

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