Augustine Jebakumar

Augustine Jebakumar’s Real Name, Wiki, Biography, Age, and Family

Dr. Augustine Jebakumar was born in a small town of Tamil Nadu on 20th August 1946 in a simple Christian family. After pursuing a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, he was placed in the English Electric Co., at Chennai where he started working as a chief engineer and was also promoted to other higher posts with the sincerity that he had towards his works.

Real NameAugustine Jebakumar
Pet NameAugustine
Known ForFounder of GEMS
Age73 Years Approx
Date of Birth20th August 1946
BirthplaceTutucorin, India
HometownTutucorin,Tamil Nadu
Zodiac SignNot Known
SpouseRupalekha Jebakumar
Augustine Jebakumar’s Real Name, Wiki, Biography, Age, and Family

Bro D. Augustine Jebakumar real name is Augustine Jebakumar who was born in a small town of Tutucorin,Tamil Nadu. He is from a pure Christainity family . Jebakumar’s Spouse name is Rupalekaha Jebakumar who supports and strengthens him in his Minsitry.

Augustine Jebakumar
Family,Ministry & Marital Status

FatherNot Known
MotherNot Known
Brother/SisterNo Info
Marital StatusMarried
MinistryFounder of GEMS
Relationship StatusMarried to Rupalekha Jebakumar
Augustine Jebakumar info

Dr Augustine Jebakumar is a missionary by profession. At the age of 21 in his youth age, he enthusiastically got involved in street preaching and child evangelism and was working mainly among street children and used to preach about the savious Jesus Christ.

Dr Augustine Jebakumar preaching sermon of Jesus Christ

Augustine Jebakumar visions and Missions

 It was in the year 1972, Augustine Jebakumar had an encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ through a vision, which made him think about resigning his job and completely surrender for the ministry of God. After resigning from his job, He then came to Bihar, a state which was known as the “Missionaries Graveyard”. He overtook his missionary journey with a great challenge and landed in Bihar land on 13th October 1972 without knowing anything about the language and the traditions and culture of states.

Interview of Augustine Jebakumar

The Lord took Augustine Jebakumar in various different fields and used him to set the ministry under the banner of Gospel Echoing Missionary Society which is popularly recognized as GEMS. Jebakumar ministries have spread widely in the States of Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, and many other parts of India.

Augustine Jebakumar’s main office and ministry are spread in complete Bihar and the major of the people serving along with him are working in the ruler area and preaching about the gospel of Jesus Christ. His major role and aims in the Kingdom of God are reviving the churches all around the world and reaching the unreached with the love of saviour Jesus Christ.

Augustine Jebakumar preaching God's gospel
Augustine Jebakumar preaching God’s gospel

Augustine Jebakumar Ministries

Augustine Jebakumar has not only established many churches in Bihar, India but also has set around 150 schools so that the poor and the privileged people can be benefitted from it. He has also opened an orphanage.

Augustine Jebakumar Ministries has not only set in India but he has also established his churches in many other countries. sometimes peoples are confused about calling Bro Dr Augustin Jebakumar as Augustine Jevakumar.

Augustine Jebakumar with her wife Rupalekha Jebakumar
Augustine Jebakumar with her wife Rupalekha Jebakumar

Augustine Jevakumar has also opened hospital in Gems Sikaria which has around 200 beds,20-30 doctors and all medication facilities to serve the needs of the poorest of poor.

Dr Jevakumar also is a pure spiritual a man who has 100% beliefs in god Jesus Christ and works as a full time missionaries and preach Jesus sermons all around the globe.

Rev D Augustine Jebakumar preaching on behalf of GEMS foundation
Rev D Augustine Jebakumar preaching on behalf of GEMS foundation

Here is an official link of face pages of Augustine Jebakumar. please check it out- Bro D. Augustine Jebakumar . you check out the contact information of Augustine Jebakumar from his official Facebook page.

Trending facts about Augustine Jebakumar

I will also be sharing some of the must trending search about Dr Augustine jebakumar. He is a missionary with great dream, mission and visions.Below I will be sharing the most searched things about Mr Jebakumar Bro.

Augustine Jebakumar on Cinemas– There are many messages and gospels are most widely searched and heard all around the world about cinemas. A follower of Christ has also spoken on it. below is the you tube video in which you can see Augustine Jebakumar, follower and seeker of God is speaking and sharing his views on Cinemas.

Augustine Jebakumar on cinemas

Augustine Jebakumar on Family– Dr. Augustine Jebakumar has not only shared his views on Cinemas but also tries to shares his views on different fields and has shared about the trending topic which is a relationship among families. he shares a message in which he speaks about how to maintain and manage a good and god fulfilling relationship with your families. Below is the video link from youtube on which you will find the Augustine Jebakumar speaking about the relationship and on the topic of family.

Augustine Jebakumar on Family

Augustine Jebakumar message for youth– Augustine jebakumar is a great spiritual man who has a great mission and vision and he also conducts many conventions and youth meetings where he shares his philosophies from the bible and his past experience.

Bro D. Augustine Jebakumar message for youth

Augustine Jebakumar in Tamil

Augustine Jebakumar who is from Tamil Nadu has a great following in south India and many of his peoples are from Tamil Nadu so many of his messages are in Tamil.

Whenever conventions or gatherings are gathered in the name of Augustine Jebakumar, most people love to listen to D. Augustine Jebakumar’s messages in Tamil, English and Hindi too.

Below is the video in which you can see bro Augustine Jebakumar purely in touch of spirit and preaching Christ messages in Tamil.

Augustine Jebakumar in Tamil

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